Samsung Smart View- Tab

Samsung Smart View- Tab

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Samsung Smart View- Tab QR Code‘Samsung Smart View- Tab’ app is now on market and is available for free. Now it is very easy to connect your tab to TV with this app installed. If your device and TV are on the same Router then you can view your tab interface easily on the TV. Users can even watch movies, videos, photos etc. on the TV by linking their tabs to TV. Your device can also work like a remote control for your Samsung TV. By default, full screen is enabled and you can view 3 tabs at the bottom of the interface so that you can manage them easily. Full mode and simple modes are available and you can use your device to control games on TV. Many more features are available with this app, so install ‘Samsung Smart View- Tab’ app now and enjoy the beauty of it. Samsung Smart View- Tab, 3.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings



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