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Visidon AppLock QR CodeNow protect your Android mobiles from unauthorized persons using ‘Visidon AppLock’. This app acts as a face recognition tool. Users can set face recognizer to the private apps so that they can be free from prying eyes. Only front facing cameras will work with this app and make sure that the camera is facing straight to your face. You can also set face recognition to Visidon AppLock application also. Security levels can be managed as it has low, middle and high security levels. So, with this app only authorized faces can view the secret apps.Visidon AppLock, 6.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings



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  1. [...] Visidon AppLock is available for free download on your mobile phone from Android Apps Labs (the site contains the QR code too for quick installation using Barcode scanners app) and straight away if you have high-end mobile phone then go with it since it requires a front camera. The premium version of this app is available priced at Rs 130 and as always with the premium you get extra features. [...]

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